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Gain entry to a vast collection of more than 300 tailor-made ESL lessons crafted explicitly for remote teaching via platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Classin, KoalaGo, and others. These lessons cater to a wide range of age groups, including children (aligned with the Oxford Framework), adults seeking conversation practice, IELTS preparation, teenagers, and more.

Teach right from your browser and encourage students with stars and Ticks

A simple yet super useful feature I know you and your students will love.

*After the trial, the service continues at a monthly rate of $19.99. unless canceled during the trial period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our collection of English as a Second Language (ESL) lessons is constantly growing, with over 500 lessons specifically designed for adults, kids, and IELTS exam preparation. Moreover, we add new lessons on a weekly basis to ensure that our students always have access to fresh and relevant content. offers a complimentary 14-day trial, during which no charges are incurred. Should you choose to cancel before the trial period ends, you will not be billed. After the trial, the service continues at a monthly rate of $19.99.

If you wish to cancel simply contact with the subject: Please cancel my ESL subscription and make sure to include the account email you registered with in your email.

*You may cancel for any reason - no questions asked

Yes, you can annotate directly on the lessons in 2 ways

1) Install and use our annotation plugin (FREE) to Chrome or Edge: 

2) USe the built in annotation tools of Zoom, Skype or Classin while screen sharing

Yes, New lessons are added every week!

Teachers Say


We asked Teachers who have used our couseware what they thought, here is what they told us. helped me increase my student base on Italki. Parents want to see a teacher who has materials prepared in advance. Especially Chinese parents!


As a Freelance Teacher having access to a large supply of high quality courseware is cruitial. ESL Courseware is a big time saver. sometimes I enjoy creating my own material but once my student base grew I just didnt have the ime!

Nick Bond Freelance Teacher

As a Teacher who works for create-a-profile platforms having a solid set of materials is super important. My students also really enjoy the star feature which is something that is missing from Video conferencing software!

Vick Amazing Talker Teacher

Hi, I am an English Teacher from Hong Kong. I am greatfull Frazer involved me in the Beta testing of his courseware. My students loved it. as English is not my native language I find it hardy to make good materials. THis is my great soloutions!

Elizabeth Chen Freelance Teacher to Chinese Students

The star feature makes such a difference in my classes. To be able to give my students instant comfirmation when they get a question right is a game changer! I love seeing their smiles reacting to the Star sound and annimation!

Amelia Mia Online School Teacher

I love having easy access to all this material from any device!

Tong B English Teacher

    Founding Team and Beta Testers